Zendaya Coleman’s Powerful And Quirky Dialogues From Spider-Man No Way Home

It is safe to assume that the most current MJ has been well welcomed by Marvel fans, who prefer her over Tom Holland’s Peter Parker because she is more personable. The fact that her entire character isn’t encircled by Parker is another reason why people adore this MJ. She has a distinct personality and makes a significant contribution to the movies in a different way.

Spider-Man No Way Home Quotes from MJ (Zendaya)

“You’re telling us what to do even though all of this is kinda your mess”. – MJ

If you expect disappointment, then you can never really be disappointed. – MJ

I know a couple of magic words myself, starting with the word ‘Please.’ – MJ

Here’s a good one. Some suggest that Parker’s powers include the male spider’s ability to hypnotize females which he used to seduce Jones-Watson into his cult of personality. – MJ

Stop, come on…- Peter Parker

Yes, my Spider Lord. – MJ

We cannot go to my house- my dad will kill you. -MJ I thought your dad liked me?- Peter

Not anymore!- MJ

You don’t have to apologize. You got us a second shot at MIT. – MJ

You could have just left us to die. Why didn’t you? –Electro That’s not who he is. – MJ

“No, we’re going to kick some ass.” – MJ

“I really hate magic.” – MJ