Tamar Braxton’s WEALTHY White Boyfriend Takes Her On Luxury Vacation!!

Tamar Braxton’s WEALTHY White Boyfriend Takes Her On Luxury Vacation!!

Singer Tamar Braxton’s WEALTHY white boyfriend JR Robinson from Atlanta is treating her like a queen during their luxury vacation together.

Singer Tamar Braxton is busy celebrating her new man’s birthday while they are both taking luxurious vacations. Tamar, 45, is reportedly dating a WEALTHY white man who recently celebrated his 46th birthday.

Tamar Braxton, 45, is going strong with her new WEALTHY white boyfriend JR Robinson. The new couple has been spending a lot of time with each other and they’ve currently on a luxurious vacation together.


Tamar has been flooding her social media with jealous-worthy photos and videos from her lavish vacation. And though she hasn’t officially posted any photo with her new boo, there have been other activities that led fans to believe that the two are vacationing together.

Tamar and her alleged boyfriend JR Robinson have been separately posting photos and videos from their lavish vacation for days. Reportedly, the couple has been celebrating JR’s 46th birthday.

“Lol it’s funny cause you have the same view as @tamarbraxton in her video that she just posted. we see y’all,” one fan commented on JR’s video.

One thing that gave it away was that the background and view of every photo and video shared by Tamar and JR are exactly the same.

Tamar also posted a video of herself wearing a bikini and flaunting a new gorgeous necklace which has the initials J and R with a heart in between. This seems like a huge deal and it’s pretty obvious that things are getting serious between the two.

JR, a successful and wealthy criminal lawyer has also been quite active on social media while trying to keep his relationship and partner hidden for now.

Here are videos and pics shared by Tamar and JR from their luxury vacation:

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