Sommer Ray Drops New Sw*imsuit Collection In Zebra Bi*kini

Sommer Ray Drops New Sw*imsuit Collection In Zebra Bi*kini

Sommer Ray made an eye-popping display of curves as she launched brand new shots from her new sw*imsuit collection. The 25 year-old model delighted her 26 million plus Instagram followers with stunning bi*kini-clad pictures from a new drop scheduled for the end of the month.

Sommer posted photos that featured pieces from the collection alongside some new music. And surprisingly, the latter has left fans with mixed emotions. The model is known for her knack for experimenting when it comes to stretching out her business. And apparently, her latest interest is in music. But it seems as if fans are not too thrilled and supportive about it as compared to her beauty and fashion businesses.

She’s Moving To The Jungle?

Sommer Ray poses while wearing a white and black zebra print two-piece set

In the post, Sommer Ray made a funny remark about living in the jungle forever because of how amazing she felt while wearing a white and black zebra print two-piece set. The high-waist bottom accentuated her scrumptious butt. And the bandeau top featured an open center ring that covered her ample bust. The model’s hair rested over her shoulders in a slicked wet wave, which only completed the se*ductive vibes of her skimpy outfit.

Ray Ends Up Upsetting The Fans More

Sommer Ray sported a multicolored pastel bi*kini top exposing her side b**bs

Last month, Sommer Ray created a frenzy among her followers when she made a video showing fans how to pee in the ocean without anyone noticing. The star once again brought up the topic in her recent Coachella post. She said that she was unsure about making the post because she didn’t want to upset people further. But she decided to post anyway.

Sommer Ray sported a multicolored pastel bi*kini top exp*osing her side b**bs. The model paired it with a high-waist chrome bottom flanked with pink fringes on the side.
‘How To Pee In The Ocean 101’

Sommer Ray flaunts her gorgeous figure at Coachella weekend

In the update, Sommer was seen sitting on the edge of the rock in her gold bi*kini with a dark green hat while she peed in the ocean. She said, “you’ll never know I’m peeing.” One of her friends commented that she does it all the time. And obviously, fans were not too delighted with her trick. “SHORTY AINT EVEN RINSE HER SELF OFF,” one person wrote.

There is one more video from Sommer that did nothing for fans. And it is her Eternal Sommer video. In the clip, Ray wore a one-piece orange bat*hing suit with a thong.

As a matter of fact, many people in the comments pointed out that Sommer did not sing the song. But she still added her name as a lead artist on the song. However, their observation was a little extreme as the model did sing, despite them being only a couple of lines.

“In the Darkness, there is always light In the light, there is always hope In Hope, there is always love In Love, shines the eternal Ray of Sommer.”

For now, her Instagram reel has garnered almost 400,000 views and the YouTube video has 51,000-plus views. Regardless of how slowly it begins, the song promises to hit the charts. Mainly because its target audience is Summer partygoers.

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