Sofia Vergara Exposes Her Large T*its In A Tight Black Corset

Sofia Vergara Exposes Her Large T*its In A Tight Black Corset

Sofia Vergara never leaves a chance to flaunt her curvaceous body. The 50-year-old sexy babe knows that she can leave younger starlets in the dust with her incredible physique.

In a recently posted photo, the Modern Family star showed just that as she posed in a tight black corset that pushed up her busty b**bs.

The outfit had a sheer midriff that highlighted her narrow waist. She also wore unbuttoned black jeans that made the pic look hotter!

Her hair was down and she wore a chunky metallic necklace as she looked into the dressing mirror to take this hot photo.

In another photo the star wore a Cheetah-print leotard that did nothing to hide her assets.

The tight attire almost spilled out her voluptuous tits from the sides. The bottom also drew attention to her toned waist and bare h*ips.

She wore dark glasses and had her luscious brown and blonde locks down as she posed sensuously for the pic.

In a throwback modelling photo, she lounged on a big heeled shoe in just a skimpy bi*kini that didn’t leave much to her imagination.

The red swimwear top was barely able to contain her b**bs and the bottom highlighted her n*ude legs. The two itty-bitty pieces of clothing also exp*osed her tantalizingly narrow waist.

In the sexy pic, Sofia arched her back and had a hand above her head on the heel of the show as she stared se*ductively at the camera.

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