‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Is in Relationship with a New Man after 26 Years in Polygamy

‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Is in Relationship with a New Man after 26 Years in Polygamy

Christine Brown opened up about her new man.

She got over a polygamous marriage and split.

Christine devoted her life to herself and her grandchildren.

On February 8, 2023, an Instagram account shared a clip of Christine Brown recording herself while sitting in a car. In the clip, the “Sister Wives” star beamed as she gave an update revealing she was dating someone new!

The reality star appeared to blush and light up as she opened up about the person making her so happy. Before finding someone new, she was married to her husband for 26 years!

However, Kody wasn’t monogamous with her in the relationship and had other wives he shared her with. Christine announced her divorce from her plural marriage to Kody in late 2021 and has been single since.

Seeing her so joyous as she discussed the fantastic qualities that her new man possessed was heartwarming. The new guy wasn’t only great too and with her, but he also won over someone else who was very special to Christine.

Christine Talks about the First Man She Fell for after Split from Kody

Christine shared in her “car confession” how her new man was wonderful, kind, romantic, and everything she was looking for! The new relationship came more than a year after she separated from Kody Brown.

At 50, the reality star gushed about how the person she was “exclusively” dating was “incredible with Truley,” her then 12-year-old daughter who lived with her. She said the guy was a “dream come true,” and she was excited to show her fans his pictures.

However, for the time being, she kept him to herself and promised to let her followers know more about him later. The star was glowing and said she was “so excited!”

However, this wasn’t the first time she revealed she’d met someone new. On January 29, 2023, she uploaded several Instagram pictures of herself posing on the road and announced:

“I’m dating again!!”

Christine shared that she’d met the man while online dating and said the experience was “crazy.” The TLC star then asked for dating advice for 50-year-olds who were, in her case, grandmothers of three and starting new chapters.

However, getting to this place in her life where she appeared so carefree and alive wasn’t an easy feat. It took many years for the reality star to find sufficient confidence and reason to leave her plural marriage.

Christine’s Decision to Leave Kody

Christine and Kody had been together since 1994, and viewers met them on their TLC show in September 2010. At the time, the firearms salesman was also married to Meri and Janelle, and he was working on a fourth wife.

Sixteen years later, Kody and his wives relocated from Utah, fearing prosecution, and moved to Las Vegas. The family ultimately settled in Flagstaff, Arizona, where they hoped to build on some land.

However, the transition proved tricky for the group, and by January 2023, his fourth wife, Robyn, was the only wife left in the marriage. Janelle and Meri concluded their union with Kody in 2022.

In November 2021, Christine was the first wife to leave Kody, announcing in an Instagram post that she’d “made the difficult decision to leave.” The mother of six said her future relationships would be monogamous as that was how she now wished to represent.

However, the new guy would also have to be adventurous and try new things because she [Christine Brown] was into that.

The star said the lifestyle wasn’t for her but didn’t discourage others from practicing it. It took a long time for her to realize that polygamy wasn’t for her, but when she did, so much opened up to her!

“I Want a Partnership:” after Decades of Not Being the One and Only, Christine Changed Her Life

In August 2022, Christine, now dedicated to herself and her grandchildren, said her marriage to Kody began breaking down gradually. She started noticing how she needed more trust and communication and finally realized that they didn’t have a partnership, stating:

“We just kind of unraveled.”

The reality star said, “I want a partnership,” and a man who loved her and wanted her “intimately.” Christine wanted attraction and mutual chemistry, but she also loved one day having a romantic relationship.

However, the new guy would also have to be adventurous and try new things because she was into that. The star, seemingly losing weight, said she always wanted to have fun, but other wives were where she drew the line!

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