Single Dad Discovers He’s Not the Father of Son He Raised Alone, Must Surrender Child – Sad Story

“This is no doubt the hardest thing I [have] had to do…and no, I’m not ok if anyone asks.” These are the last words of a heartbroken father as he surrenders the 10-month-old child he raised on his own after the baby’s bi
ological mother abandoned him when he was only 1-month-old

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Chef Dom found out that the child he has raised completely on his own, the child that he thought was biologically his, is actually the son of another man.

This week, it was ruled that the true biological father would take over guardianship of the baby since the mother is no longer in the picture. A ruling that has left Dom’s world turned upside down.

Chef Dom shared his nightmarish reality this week, “Woke up thinking it was a nightmare but reality [is] setting in this will be the last full day I got with him. He made me grow up at my old age lol… but I have to focus on him and be thankful for the 10 months..

it’s so crazy Friday when I give him back he will be 10 months exactly. I was looking forward to his first thanksgiving, Christmas and omg the biggest 1st birthday party January 22nd that’s the part that hurt… I appreciate everyone kind words and prayers… almost out of tears.”