Salma Hayek’s Sizzling Photos Collection – Pics Inside

Salma Hayek’s Sizzling Photos Collection – Pics Inside

Salma Hayek is one of the hottest women in Hollywood!

This gorgeous Mexican-American actress got her start in the 1995 film ‘Desperado’. The success of the film catapulted Salma into stardom, and she has since been known as the bombshell actress who can spice up pretty much every movie she is in.

Her hourglass figure, golden glow and luscious lips are just some of the physical traits that we love about her

We also love to follow her on Instagram because she posts some of the most amazing and the sexiest photos!

Scroll down below to see some of Salma’s sexiest photos over the years!

Pin-Up Queen

Salma Hayek in a leopard print swimsuit and a pin-up pose pretty much encapsulates her oozing sexuality!

White Hot

Throwback pics are always a big hit and this maybe one of our favorites. Look at those abs!

Piercing Gaze

Sometimes, she doesn’t even need to show skin to be sexy. She is serving face here (and also demanding equality!) and she is still exuding sensuality.

The DDs Are Out

This bikini totally highlights her curves and the pose is flaunting the DDs.

Lavender Beauty

Another sexy bikini pic because we can’t get enough!

Flip That Hair, Mamacita!

She is giving us side profile and hair flip fierceness in this one.

Sexy Feet!

Even her feet are sexy, y’all.

What A Siren

Salma is definitely a water siren, and she just loves to be wet on the ocean.

Dangerous Curves Ahead

This looks like a Playboy magazine spread. Her curves are unbelievable!

Natural Glow

Looking her best when she is in a tiny bikini and glowing under the sun.

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