Salma Hayek Looks Amazing in A Bikini on A Sailboat

Salma Hayek Looks Amazing in A Bikini on A Sailboat

Her voluminous brunette locks flowed freely in the ocean breeze and contrasted perfectly with the bright tone of her outfit.

Pinault opted to wear a pair of light blue trunks as he enjoyed his wife’s company during their outing.

Hayek and her now-husband initially met and became romantically connected in 2006.

The businessman was previously married to Dorothee Lepere, with whom he shares two children, and he welcomed a daughter with his former partner Linda Evangelista.

The now-married couple went on to bring Valentina into their lives in 2007.

Hayek and Pinault later wedded in Paris on Valentine’s Day in 2009, and they held a second ceremony in Italy that April.

The actress spoke about meeting her husband for the first time during an episode of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast and noted that she was immediately attracted to him.

She recalled thinking that ‘this guy is so foxy, the confidence, his eyes, he’s so good looking and charming.’

Hayek noted that, although much of the public thought she married Pinault for his money, this was not the case.

She stated: ‘When I married him, everybody said: “Oh, it’s an arranged marriage, she married him for the money.” I’m like, “Yeah, whatever…think what you want.”‘

The performer then stated that she and her husband had since proven their critics to be completely wrong.

She said, ‘fifteen years together, and we are strong in love. And I don’t even get offended, I’m like, “Yeah, whatever.”‘


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