Rapper T.I. Claims Tiny Is Not liable To Pay Any Bills, No Matter How Much Money She’s earning

Rapper T.I. Claims Tiny Is Not liable To Pay Any Bills, No Matter How Much Money She’s earning

T.I is a very successful celebrity in music, the rapper has made up hit records, successful movies, a successful reality show and now she’s forced in the podcast world. This should not took from his wife Tiny Harris, although who is a super earner in her own.

Tiny was a member of famous girl group Xscape. Then she broke out as song writer with group member Kandi Burruss and helpen her in writing the mega successful No Scrubs for TLC. She is now a successful career as a reality star and T.V. personality with several other business.

Tiny and T.I. started dating in 2001, also the same year he dropped his debut first album. Tiny was always an stable star but took the backseat to watch her husband’s career took while she built a home for them and their family. Born Tameka Cottle, she earn worth around $5 Million. She faced a nice payday in 2018 when Ed Sheeran,

the famous singer added her and Kandi to be song writing credit of his hit songs. Shape of you, fans loved this song, this song never be old , it reminds the same energy and melody. It’s not fare how much Tiny earn before T.I. or although she ever gave backside him during the beginning of her husband’s career. But no T.I. takes care of his wife.

Neither Xscape hitting the music scene in 1991, T.I. released his first album in 2001. From his debut song, T.I. has earn a name for his own after launching the new record, he won Grammy 3 times 11 studios album and 10 Billboard hits. The rapper has also featured on Forbes, top hip hop artists list for 4 times.

He have some buisness as well like his former nightclub in Atlanta, clothing, Endorsement deals, strip club etc. His net current worth is about $20million. Now he became on a position where he take care of his by himself. Tiny and their large family with 7 kids.

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