R. Kelly Breaks Silence On Ab-use Claims, Says Parents Sold Daughters To Him

R. Kelly Breaks Silence On Ab-use Claims, Says Parents Sold Daughters To Him

R. Kelly, in his sentences, is “di’sputing” for his damn life.” While his first ever discussion interview since the casting of Surviving R. Kelly, the a’shamed vocalist full of words with amger and out of words during talking with CBS This Morning fellow-Worker Gayle King.

Kelly have lose his cool when mentioning the various assertions of s’exual a’buse over him. During he refused the assertions, he also put reactions the parents of his apparently su’spects for “selling” their daughters to him. Although, prior making the damn claims,

he had an crying outburst during requesting his innocence. “I have won my lawsuit. When you won something, you wom it… You can’t dual-jeopardy me as that. You can’t. It’s not verdict. It’s not verdict to nobody. When you won your lawsuit, you won your lawsuit,”

he said Gayle, who then questioned over his other lawsuits. “Not correct,” he reacted. “Whether they’re prior fa’ke news, exact rumors, upcoming fa’ke news, not correct.” The CBS This Morning anchor then searched about the assertions he’s held lady over their self stuffs.

“I don’t desired to. Why should I?” Kelly said. “How damn would it be for R. Kelly, with all I’ve been via in my paths, way prior, to took people, let lonely 4, 5, 6, 50, you told – how damn would I should to do that?”

“That’s damn! Use your mind,” he constantly. “Forget the vlogs, everything forget how you felt over me. Don’t love me if you desire to, affection me if you desires. But just use your mind.

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