PNB Rock Passes Away At 30 Following Ar-med Robbery In Los Angeles

PNB Rock was shot during an a*med larceny at a South LA Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles on Monday afternoon. After additional inquiry, LAPD administrations and Fox LA have noted that he died. As we recently noted, an observer at the event posted a tape from

inside the restaurant exhibiting a man laying in a puddle of blood. The observer asserted that an a*med ste’aling had happened and that the Philly rapper was sh*t as an outcome. An officer who reacted to the event clarified the occurrence to Fox LA telling,

The suf’ferer was sitting at a table consuming with a female observer when he was addressed by the sus’pect. The sceptical then wielded the g*n and man’dated his estate. We don’t have the audio of what his precise trade was at the moment. The sceptical then

bl*ted num’erous rounds and then seems to eliminate some property to what degree, we don’t know.” The cop asserted that PNB Rock was uttered de’ad soon after. Prior to the fatal sh*oting, PNB Rock appeared to be celebrating some time with his ladylove Steph Sibounheuang.

The two were pictured on Instagram dripped out for a beautiful dinner on Sunday night, and were just spending some time jointly on Monday. Almost one hour before the the’ft happened, Steph posted her geo-tagged locale along with a picture of her food at Roscoe’s.

The post has since been erased. The ‘Selfish’ rapper ratified a record contract with Atlantic Records back in 2014, and has since worked together with some of the greatest names in the industry

encompassing Meek Mill, Kodak Black, A Boogie, YFN Lucci, Kevin Gates, Lil Yachty and even the deceased Pop Smoke.