See Olivia Wilde Laughing While In A Bik*ini: Pics

See Olivia Wilde Laughing While In A Bik*ini: Pics

Olivia Wilde has had a pretty crazy year all things considered coming out with a hit movie, but also going through some rather high-profile relationship issues and rumoring as well.

From a celebrity perspective, this might all be par for the course through and the actress and director seems to be taking things relatively in stride.

One need only look over at her Instagram to see that she still seems in pretty good spirits. Her latest post has her in a bik*ini, posing with a friend in a hammock.

As is the case with a lot of what Olivia Wilde has been up to lately, the Instagram post has garnered a fair bit of attention. As of this writing, the picture and post had more than 73K likes on the social media platform.

While this is a pretty big number, all things considered, it hasn’t reached quite the same levels as her previous post which featured her posing on the cover of Elle magazine, showing considerably more skin.

Olivia Wilde has more than four million followers on Instagram though she isn’t exactly one of the most prolific posters and celebrities considering the overall reach.

In fact, this was her first post in almost two months, something that would be considered an eternity for many others with the same overall reach and level of fame. But such is the case for the actress and director who has used the platform somewhat sparingly of late.

Of course, Olivia Wilde was most recently in the news following the release of her latest movie, Don’t Worry Darling. It came out in late September and managed to earn almost $90 million dollars at the box office on its $35 million budget.


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That was before heading over to HBO Max where it’s become one of the streamer’s more popular offerings. That being said, critics were less than enthusiastic about the movie, scoring it just 38% on Rotten Tomatoes through more than 300 reviews.

And Don’t Worry Darling didn’t garner significant attention just because of Olivia Wilde directing and starring in the movie. It was also possibly at the heart of her split with ex-husband Jason Sudeikis seeing as how she entered into a relationship with Harry Styles who also starred in the film opposite Florence Pugh. Styles and Wilde were in a relationship though it’s been reported that it came to an end sometime last month.

As for upcoming Olivia Wilde productions, there really isn’t anything in the pipeline right now. Don’t Worry Darling was her third directorial work after Booksmart and Wake Up.

Giant Freakin Robot had the exclusive that she could be getting close to directing a Marvel movie, which would certainly be a major step up.

But Olivia Wilde could be taking a break from it all right now following the high-profile nature of her latest film and possible continuing family issues regarding custody of hers and Sudeikis’s children.

In all though, it appears Olivia Wilde remains in good spirits after a tumultuous year and her Instagram feed might just be the evidence of that. Heck, kicking back on a hammock with a friend might just be what was needed.


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