Photos: Nicole Scherzinger Gets ‘Down & Dirty’ In A Bikini

Photos: Nicole Scherzinger Gets ‘Down & Dirty’ In A Bikini

Summer has officially begun for Nicole Scherzinger and her former Scottish rugby player boyfriend, Thom Evans as they headed off on a vacay, to Ibiza.

We are tempted to break into the Vengaboys song but given the muddy shots shared by Nicole, fans are getting the “Whatever U Like” vibe, and we have to agree with the combined force of Instagram. Here’s Nicole and Thom making us all wish for another vacation where the sun is bright and the sea is blue…

Nicole Scherzinger Declares “Summer Is Here”

This is certainly not the first time Nicole has given her fans the blues because she gets to go for a vacation and look so amazing in pictures.

And it’s certainly not going to be the last, given that she’s a stunning woman, and a jet-setting celebrity to boot.

This time, she, Thom, and a few other friends including fashion designer Julien MacDonald have headed off to Ibiza, and it looks like paradise, from where we sit.

In her first post, Nicole wrote “Summer is officially here…” with a series of photos from a boat. Some of the pictures were of her alone, while in some there’s Thom Evans.

Nicole looked stunning in a plunging floral bikini with a short sarong, as posed kneeling on the boat with a background of the cliffs nearby.

Fans fawned over all the beauty, with comments like:

“So much fun in the sun in IBIZA love you **”

“Spain looks good on you”

“Awww your bikini is stunning”

Some even had a few suggestions to offer:

“So I feel you and Vanessa Hudgens should play sisters I think that would be rad! maybe like a mix of ‘Bandidas’ and a buddy cop movie.”

Nicole Scherzinger Is Always Fleek With Bikini Pics

Of course, this is not her first “summer” or first vacation of 2022. In Many, she went off for another vacay with pics to enviable, it gave everyone sub burn, even when it wasn’t quite the summer season yet.

The singer dropped a baker’s dozen, plus one of her bikini pictures, and fans fawned over all of them.

ot everybody could hide their envy though, as Nicole captioned her images “envision it and you can achieve it.”

One irate fan replied, “Ya if you’re rich…. Us poor folk can barely afford groceries and gas to get to work these days.” More concurred, writing, “Precisely. That’s fabulous for her but not reality for most.”

Most fans had only love for Nicole and her h*t body as they wrote:

“Thank you for sharing this breathtaking moment”


“Amazing, Schamazing, Stunning, Awesome, kindness, smart, lovely, beautiful, proud, wonderful, cute, hot, flawless, great, strong, hilarious, funny, style, glamorous, brave, courage, inspiring, motivational, helpful, voice. If I had to describe that in a word, it would be…QUEEN…”

“So you never age? OK, I get it now…you’re an alien or one of those NFT things.”

Getting A Mud Bath In Formentera, Ibiza

Well, we can no longer make out the color of Nicole’s bikini, given that she’s covered in mud. Or should we say dripping in the mud? And no, this is not the muddy football kind, but the skin healing and rejuvenating kind found in Formentera, Ibiza.

Her caption: “Gettin’ down and dirty” and fans loved every dirty little detail in the pictures.

While some joked: “You got some shmutz on your face!”

Others were speechless with comments like:

“The 2nd shot is pure art. ”


Plenty of other comments followed:

“as soon as I read your caption I could hear your voice in my head from masked singer saying “she’s country… she likes to get down and dirty”

“This reminds me of your Whatever You Like mv when you had to put mud all over your body!!!”

Despite so many bikini pics, Nicole’s fans are thirsty for more. Mud and all…


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