Michael Jackson’s Ex-Wife and Nurse Debbie Rowe Wracked by Guilt for Enabling Icon’s Addiction: ‘I Should’ve Done…’

Michael Jackson’s Ex-Wife and Nurse Debbie Rowe Wracked by Guilt for Enabling Icon’s Addiction: ‘I Should’ve Done…’

Debbie Rowe, the former wife of the musical legend, Michael Jackson laments as she states she could have done more when her ex-husband was on painkillers. In a new American documentary, the now 63-year-old Rowe told viewers, “I should have done something, and I didn’t.”

The ‘Thriller’ singer, whose honorable music legacy made him the “King of Pop”, died in 2009 of a sudden cardiac arrest.“There is a number of people that died from addictions and in some way I was part of it.” said Debbie.

According to The Sun, The former couple initially met 15 years before their marriage in 1996 when Michael was having treatment for a skin condition. It is understood that Rowe consoled Jackson following his split with Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie and the pair became best friends and eventually fell in love.

Debbie who shares two children, Prince and Paris with Jackson stated, “I was basically as bad as him (Klein) and I am so sorry I participated in it.” as she indicated about his painkiller intake.

In the new Fox TV special, Rowe refused to talk about Jackson specifically in the documentary. However, she specifically spoke of Arnold Klein who is known as the Father of Botox. Debbie had also assisted this top dermatologist in the past..

She has also spoken in detail for decades in the media about being Jackson’s nurse and an assistant to Klein while he treated the musician. A former ex-LAPD coroner Ed Winter has also stated in the documentary that after the legend’s death, it was found that his system was full of powerful sedative Propofol in his system to put down a rhinoceros.

During a civil trial over Jackson’s death in 2013, she extensively blamed her former boss for feeding Jackson’s drug habit. Klein was also known for treating other stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, who died aged 70 in California in 2015.

Debbie’s relationship with Jackson had always been in secrecy. Only a few people attended their unusual wedding, which took place at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel on November 13, 1996, while Jackson was on tour for his “HIStory” album. Debbie broke the myth of wearing a black dress to auspicious occasions and appeared in a stunning black wedding dress.


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