Megan Fox Causes A Stir As A Tople*ss Elf: Photos

Megan Fox Causes A Stir As A Tople*ss Elf: Photos

Megan Fox is turning heads as she drops a massive tople*ss surprise while sharing Halloween photos. The Transformers actress is fresh from an Instagram update that made immediate headlines as she shared BTS moments and showed off her Zelda costume.

Of course, the star also updated with fiance Machine Gun Kelly as the two channeled characters from the iconic video game The Legend of Zelda. Megan thrilled her followers as she showed off her costume, but the 36-year-old ditching her top caused a big stir in the comments section.

Going Full Zelda

In her share, Megan posed in a plunging and deep red satin corset. She paired her busty top with a danger*ously slit skirt bearing embellishments, here flashing her shapely and toned legs. The mom of three added thigh-high and corseted boots to complete her look, with Ohio-born MGK wearing tan pants, a green top, and slouchy boots.

Fans swiping then got hair and makeup moments as the finishing touches were added, but Megan had ditched her top here. The actress braved her no-top moment but stayed just about safe via carefully placed hands. She also shared moments showing her eye makeup being applied as she flaunted a thorn crown in her hair, dyed blonde.

Fans React

In a caption, Megan shouted out singer Grimes. “Very seriously looked into elf ear modification after this. @grimes let me know if you find someone 🧚,” she wrote. Over 2.5 million likes have been left, but not everyone was out to send the lookalike to Angelina Jolie the thumbs up.

Many were quick to liken Megan to 42-year-old mogul Kim Kardashian. While the comments are filled with various critici*sms, it does look like support has overtaken. The most upvoted comments are now backing Megan.

“People won’t even consider the fact that maybe you’re just happy living you’re life and doing what you want regardless of the media or people’s opinions,” one fan wrote.

Fans Say Let Her Be

Also backing Fox was a fan replying: “So much h*ate in the comments. Next time any of y’all can budget for a photoshoot this extensive, then you can talk. Until then enjoy your Spirit Halloween costumes and your mean hearts.”

Celebrity Likes Come In

Amid the fan likes were also some from famous faces. Social media star Anna Shumate left one. Doing the same was WWE star CJ Perry.


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