Megan Fox Shows Off Her Big B**bs In A Lowcut Tight Black Top

Megan Fox Shows Off Her Big B**bs In A Lowcut Tight Black Top

Megan Fox is no stranger to nudity, and the actress didn’t shy away this time as well as she exposed herself in a lowcut top.

Megan Fox, 36, loves showing off her s*exy body. The Transformers actress is also not a stranger to n*udity. The star recently posted a couple of pics on Instagram that left everyone saying hot!

In a pic, Megan is looking seductively at the camera in a black top that’s not visible over her big melons.

The actress is wearing n*ude lipstick and a tonne of jewelry that’s resting on her cle*avage.

In another pic from the same set of photos, the star is lying down with a finger on her tongue as she looks provocatively at the camera. Her t*its are almost spilling out of the top.

The actress is known for flaunting her perfect body in weird attires. In one pic, she’s wearing a thin grey top that can barely hold on to her jugs.

Her pants are slit down her shapely thighs and highlight her narrow waist.

She looks tantalizing in a glittery bra and briefs set that’s exposing her voluptuous chest and enticing legs.

The actress is wearing her hair down and has on knee-high socks with large heels.

As said before, the actress loves going big and bold. She doesn’t shy away from lingerie pics and that’s evident from one where she wore a lacy one-piece that cupped her b**bs and flowed over her toned waist.

In the same photoshoot she also wore a lacy blue and black lingerie set with thongs that revealed her b**bs and b*utt while setting everyone’s hearts on fire.

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