Megan Fox in a Black Netted Corset Dress Is the Anti-Bride

Megan Fox in a Black Netted Corset Dress Is the Anti-Bride

Fox and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly were photographed roaming the streets of Milan, Italy, following their romantic proposal in Puerto Rico. The Jennifer’s Body actress donned a garment that was romantic, but also dark, edgy, and quintessentially her, in an alternative take on traditional bridal design.

The netted black crochet midi by Dion Lee has a separate corset bodice, breast cut-outs, and delicate boning. She wore a long black leather trench coat with a leopard pattern on the inner to keep warm over the garment.

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Several necklaces (including a charm necklace saying “MGK”) and black strappy tie-up shoes from Femme, a sustainable company headquartered in Los Angeles, completed the look.

MGK, on the other hand, was a brighter contrast to Fox’s somber appearance. He accessorized with silver chain and pearl necklaces and donned a fuzzy hot pink turtleneck, black-and-white patchwork slacks with zipper pockets, and black Chelsea boots.

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Anyone who follows viral Internet moments is likely familiar with Fox and MGK’s crazy pair appearance. In December, the two were seen linked together during the launch of the musician’s unisex nail varnish collection, UN/DN LAQR–the silver thread being specially tied to their pinky nails.

Who can forget Fox in a see-through Mugler gown at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2021? On the red carpet, MGK, who wore a glittering all-red pinstriped suit and silver face jewelry, praised the nude appearance, which included brilliant embroidery and an optical illusion produced by the black mesh.

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To say the least, we’re excited to see what these two choose to wear when they walk down the aisle.

Below you can see how the couple become engaged:

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