Megan Fox Claps Back At Troll Over ‘Sexualizing Self,’ Proves She’s A Funny Girl

Megan Fox Claps Back At Troll Over ‘Sexualizing Self,’ Proves She’s A Funny Girl

Megan Fox has been pulling a Kate Beckinsale these days, letting the trolls feel her ire every now and then, proving, as one fan put it, that she’s one “funny girl.”

With social media having no censor, literally, people are free to go after any celebrity and Megan Fox often gets some rather nasty comments on Instagram, most of which she usually ignores. Every now and then, she claps back at someone rather brilliantly, and the fans are here for it. Always.

When Megan Fox Did Not Beat About The Bush!

A few days after Halloween, Megan Fox posted a few pictures of her and MGK dressed as elves, giving off Zelda vibes, and looking absolutely stunning. In one of the pictures, some Instagram users mistook a tattoo on her pubic area to be pubic hair, and things went a tad Looney post that.

One rather rude Instagram user commented on Fox’s post, writing, “All that money and she can’t buy a razor. She’s now off my ‘list’”. The troll, it seems, zoomed in a little too much at the crotch area of Fox’s shoot and mistook a part of her tattoo, as part of her bush, and apparently, hair turn him off.

Fox usually lets snide comments slide because that’s what comes with being a celebrity, but this time, she snapped, and replied, “are you mistakenly referring to my tattoo? Either way I’m devastated to be off your list. Was hoping you’d wife me.”

Fox’s Instagram page exploded soon after, with her fans standing up for her and berating the creepy commenter, writing like:

“LMFAO 😂😂🤣🤣 you’re joking right ?! First off Megan Fox would still be drop-dead gorgeous covered in body hair. Second, the fact that you think you could offend her by commenting on her post to let her know she’s off your “list” just shows what a sad pathetic soul you are. So get off your high horse dude you’ll never even be close enough to see one hair on her body.”

“That’s her tattoo and even if it was her hair, what’s the problem with that? “She’s now off my list” HAHAHA like she cares.”

“Does your wife know about your list? Or do you just sit here on the internet horny and judgmental all by yourself?”

Megan Fox “Complained” About “Sexual” Avatars!

In her latest Instagram post, Fox uploaded a series of avatars, presumably made by Lensa or another AI art app, given that every celebrity seems to be on this social media trend.

Predictably, her avatars were just about as sexy as she is, and Fox pseudo-questioned the same in her caption, writing, “Were everyone’s avatars equally as sexual? Like, why are most of mine naked??”

She followed it up with a puppy-dog eyes emoji, and again, predictably, her fans responded.

One fan tried to “explain” it to her, writing, “I think it depends on how you choose your selfie photos, the results are from your own sent pictures to the application.”

Others tried to lecture her about how the app “stole” art from artists, writing, “The AI you used steals art from real artists out there to feed its algorithm. Please be a better example to your followers and delete this.”

And then came the trolls, with ready answers:

“Cause that’s the way you dress.”

“Why? Hahaha. Look through your Instagram posts!!!! Maybe ask yourself why are most of your posts naked.”

“Because you are what you manifest.”

There were some voices of reason in the list of commenters on this post, who tried to say, “guys, I think she’s being sarcastic”, but the “hate” went on, and on.

One Troll Shut Down But Millions To Go!

Another Instagram user wrote, “*se’xualizes self all the time literally*” as an answer to what many pointed out was a rhetorical question.

When someone asked this user to back off, they further wrote, “you don’t find it funny that she’s all like why are they so sexual? But almost every single one of her posts is the same. Couple lines down on her profile her “fashion” is literally s–t with sex written on it 😂😂 good on her, she’s smart, she’s hot, she’s probs really nice, but don’t give me the bulls–t of “omg I’m so sexualized, I hate it” then do it yourself…”

Fox finally snapped again and clapped back, writing, “sigh. I was being sarcastic. How can everyone think I actually lack this level of self-awareness?”

Her fans loved her epic reply, needling the original commenter: “I would crawl in a hole if I got clapped back to by Megan Fox.”

But the commenter who Fox replied to doesn’t agree, writing, “It wasn’t exactly a clap, I pointed out she se;xualizes herself and she pointed out that it was sarcasm, then we both went about our days.”

Here’s Fox, “sexualizing” herself!
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