Max Collins Masterclass On Attractive Swimsuit Poses To Flaunt This Summer: Pics

Max Collins Masterclass On Attractive Swimsuit Poses To Flaunt This Summer: Pics

It doesn’t matter if she is giving her best for a scene or if she is making a spectacle out of herself. Max Collins can never disappoint her fans. The woman was designed for the camera.

Her picture-perfect doll-like face, the willowy figure, and a gaze bold enough to make anyone weak in the knee. It is no brainer that her Instagram is filled with glorious shots of her donning captivating fits.

And that is exactly what one would expect from an actress as phenomenal as her. In fact, Max Collins is an inspiration for everyone who wishes to take their pictures up a notch when it comes to glam.

With ‘hot girl summer’ at its peak, we have brought together some of the most attractive posing inspirations from Max Collins’ OOTDs. Keep scrolling for a quick masterclass for your next summer Instagram upload.

Lounge, But In Style

Sometimes, an unwinding pose isn’t enough for a casual shot. In that case, it is always easier to switch to a kneeling stance. And if you want to follow Max Collins, you can simply add some attitude to the pose by arching your back.

The Sideways Look

Another way to display your body while relaxing is by tilting your body sideways while the rest faces the sun. Taken from an aerial angle, the shot will add flavor to your otherwise repetitive Instagram feed. Just get your bestie to do the work!

Posing Indoors Can Be Fun Too

There is no rulebook that says you must shoot outdoors when on a vacation. If your hotel room provides a gorgeous view of the sunset or the sunrise, take advantage of the golden hour and pose up a storm within those four walls.

Wear That Confidence

Max Collins is an icon with her bold and daring looks. Her gracefulness in front of the lens itself is enough to turn a simple picture into the most captivating one. And in order to reel in the same energy, make sure you effortlessly lean back against a prop, relax your limbs and torso, and then put all your effort into a smile.

The Quick Mermaid

When in a rush, strike the mermaid pose. This is one that you can master in less than a minute. The trick to make this shot look elegant is to keep your arms straight yet relaxed. As well as to keep your body bent but not hunched over.

Hands, Those Hands

If you are confused about where to put your hands, just use them to lift the hem of your swimsuit. This will allow more room for skin, as well as give more focus to your legs.

Sitting With Grace

Girlies, you are not alone in struggling with sitting poses. Simply follow Max Collins’ lead. Tilt your head to the side, stretch one arm out, and bend your legs halfway. Now, place your other arm over your knee to put it in frame.

Post-Swim Glam? Nah.

Now come on, it is impossible to look good after taking a swim. But if you want to stun in your pictures, make sure you click one before you leave the house. Like Max Collins, simply head out to the balcony for some natural light. And sometimes, use a cute prop like a cup of coffee!

Stretching Pose

A flawless pose while stretching will not only make you look slender, but also draw attention towards your curves. And the pose goes best with a one-piece swimsuit because it’ll immediately smooth out any wrinkles in the fabric.

Make Props Out Of Your Surroundings

Using your immediate surroundings can be a great way to make your pictures look more real. You can do this by either placing a hand on the nearest surface or leaning against it. Also, instead of just standing, cross your legs and point those toes!


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