Master P’s Money Lessons Paid Off For His Children, Each One’s Net Worth Shows It

Master P’s Money Lessons Paid Off For His Children, Each One’s Net Worth Shows It

Hip-hop fans are well aware that Master P is one of the weal thiest artists in the industry. However, how do Master P’s offspring fare? Despite not being a billionaire like Kanye West and Dr. Dre, Master P, the founder of No Limit Records, has a respectable net worth of $200 million.

And that wealth is derived from sources other than music. He set out to establish a supercar business controlled by Black people. In the near future, he even intends to purchase a hi**orically Black college or university. The Master P’s children are also

doing fairly well for themselves. Their father most certainly isn’t reluctant to distribute wealth. Romeo Miller regularly participates in his father’s business transactions. Additionally, Hercy Miller also used his father to assist him secure his $2 million suitcase.

Even though Master P’s kids were probably reared in opulence, none of them are content to live off of their father’s fame. Additionally, Master P made it apparent in an interview that he was adamant about instilling in his kids the ability to live independently.

I educate them how to be honest and how to be hungry. It will depend on what you do with your career, not what I’ve done, if you want to be successful. The oldest of Master P’s children, Romeo Miller, was born on August 19, 1989. He is currently 32 years old,

according to that. Despite the fact that he began with music. Additionally, he has appeared in a number of ads, such as this one for ICDC. Romeo Miller has a $5 million net worth, claims Celebrity Net Worth.. Cymphonique Miller, better known by her stage name Cymphonique,

is arguably the most talented member of the Miller family to work in the entertainment industry. She is a professional actress, model, and rapper who has more than established herself outside of the Miller family. Sources claim that Cymphonique has a net worth of roughly $2 million.

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