Mariah Carey Displays Extravagance In Shimmering Purple Swim-suit

Mariah Carey Displays Extravagance In Shimmering Purple Swim-suit

Mariah Carey was utterly mesmerizing for fans in her recent Instagram video. The clip saw the 53 year-old sensation as she danced to Latto’s hit remix “Big Energy,” which samples her 1995 single “Fantasy.”

The video shows the stunning singer coming out of the swimming pool in a fabulous manner. She is sporting a dazzling one-piece swimsuit with off-the-shoulder detailing. And her voluminous hair is perfectly done. Mariah completes the look with a pair of open-toed, butterfly-adorned Aquazzura stilettos. For accessories, she is wearing a stack of diamond bangles and a large sparkling butterfly ring. Carey’s amazing ensemble is a total blask as she struts by the poolside for a series of phenomenal shots.

Mariah Carey glittered in an indigo one-piece as she danced to the “Big Energy” remix. (Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP/Getty Images)
She Is Used To Living In Lavish!

Needless to say, the star has a very supportive and adorable fanbase who immediately flocked into the comments section to shower her with praises.

“The Lambily,” which is Carey’s name for her fanbase, showed the star some love in her comments.

“STILL got it. Iconic MC moments,” also read one comment.

“The face, the body, the hair, the outfit, the smile, the shoes and most importantly THE VOIIICCEE,” gushed another fan.

Also to mention, this is not the only time that Mariah Carey has made a stunning appearance by the pool with all her glamor in the trunk. On April 17, she hosted an Instagram Live to celebrate the 17-year anniversary of her 2005 album, The Emancipation of Mimi. On the successful occasion, she casually lounged in her pool in a sequined evening gown.

The mom of two puts an extraordinarily posh display (Image: Instagram)

She started the Live with, “Hello, darlings,” and then proceeded to playfully splash the pool water around her. “It’s a splash; if you were wondering what a splash was, here it is,” she said.

In addition, Mariah Carey’s fans gushed over the impressive show of luxury that the mom of two put up. Needless to say, over her 30-year long career, she has made a statement out of her magnificent lifestyle.

“The most iconic Live Instagram has ever experienced,” read one comment.

“MERMARIAH” wrote another commenter.

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