See Margot Robbie In Very Tiny Bikini Jump Into The Ocean

See Margot Robbie In Very Tiny Bikini Jump Into The Ocean

Margot Robbie is, without a doubt, one of the biggest, most talented, and busiest film stars in the world. Ever since the Australian actress broke through to audiences playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s heavily Brooklyn-accented trophy wife in The Wolf of Wall Street (a role which she reportedly got after improvising a slap to DiCaprio while auditioning), she has been steadily, constantly working.

Two Academy Award nominations, an iconic comic book anti-heroine role, and her own production company later, Margot Robbie probably needs some relaxation time. Hence, Margot Robbie jumping into the ocean in Spain.

This particular image of Margot Robbie was posted by an Instagram account called @margotupdates, which (as you might expect) is dedicated to keeping up with what the Harley Quinn actress is up to.

According to the post’s caption, this photo set catches Margot Robbie vacationing in Formentera, a small island off Spain known for being a more chill counterpart to the legendary nearby party island of Ibiza.

In the first picture, Margot Robbie is wearing a tiny yellow and tan string bikini, and her shoulder-length, dark blonde hair is charmingly wild and tousled. She is surrounded on either side by two men who also seem ready to take the plunge, but the less said about them, the better.

Margot Robbie and her friends appear to be perched on the edge of a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, and the second photo captures them all leaping mid-air into the water.

In particular, the Birds of Prey actress’s face seems to be joyful and excited, but when you’re one of the most famous and beautiful people in the world and jumping off a yacht, that kind of makes sense.

The third photo is the set is much more peaceful, showing Margot Robbie (with her now wet hair slicked back) sitting alongside her husband and producing partner Tom Ackerly amidst blue waves.

Margot Robbie
Credit: Google

The fourth photo pulls back a bit to reveal they appear to be seated at the front of the yacht, with the Mediterranean lapping at their sun-kissed bodies, and yeah, it looks like a good time.

Margot Robbie deserves a bit of a break, considering she has a whopping four films either in production or post-production. She will be starring in the David O.

Russell period mystery piece Amsterdam alongside Christian Bale and basically every actor in the world (plus Taylor Swift). Amsterdam is one of the rare movies recently that actually had its release date moved up, but it is not the only period movie she has coming up.

Margot Robbie will also be portraying early movie legend Clara Bow in Damian Chazelle’s 1920s drama Babylon, alongside her Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Brad Pitt, Max Minghella, and Tobey Maguire (who is reportedly portraying Charlie Chaplin).

Margot Robbie
Credit: Google

Margot Robbie will be starring as the title character in the much anticipated Barbie film, which will see her paired up with Ryan Gosling’s Ken and a whole bunch of neon outfits. Finally, she will also be starring as part of a huge ensemble cast in Wes Anderson’s science fiction feature Asteroid City.


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