Margot Robbie St*uns All In A Str*apless Ski*mpy Dress

Margot Robbie St*uns All In A Str*apless Ski*mpy Dress

Margot Robbie is one of Hollywood’s A-listers and she has a tonne of projects lined up for release. One of them is is the live-action adaptation of Barbie.

In the recently released trailer of the movie, Margot is wearing a skimpy swi*msuit that’s reminiscent of the first Barbie attire.


She is wearing a black and white striped one-piece that’s tightly h*ugging her. The outfit is barely reaching her thi*ghs but it’s highlighting her creamy to*ned legs.

The strapless beachwear is paired with black high heels and a pair of sunglasses.

In another photo, the actress is wearing an itty bitty black halter bi*kini that’s drawing attention to her deep cle*avage.

The bi*kini bottom is also exp*osing her thick backside and shapely legs.

In one photo, the Australian posed in a tight cheetah printed dress that hu*gged all of her cu*rves. The plunging neckline of the almost sheer outfit exp*osed her as*sets.

In the photo she is drenched and her hair is slicked back as one of the dress straps slips down her arms.

In one pic she’s wearing only a open shirt as she lounges on a brown sofa with her arms beside her head. The shirt doesn’t hide any of her as*sets. Instead it draws attention to her long to*ned legs and gives us a peak at her backside.

Speaking of open shirts, in another pic the actress is wearing a wet white one that’s unbu*ttoned till her waist. Also, it gave us a look at her dec*olletage.

She has paired the shirt with complimentary white pants and her hair is slicked back as she stares sul*trily into the camera.

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