Mandy Rose Displays A Full View Of Her Rear In Yellow Swim-suit: Photos

Mandy Rose Displays A Full View Of Her Rear In Yellow Swim-suit: Photos

WWE NXT champion Mandy Rose, who is also fondly known as Sacs, got temperatures soaring as she stunned her fans in another latest Instagram post.

The professional athlete is always stomach deep in strengthening her core and building her muscles and maintaining that spectacular figure. So it does not come as a surprise when she posts a slew of those mesmerizing swim-suit shots.

In a latest update, the 31 year-old displayed her banging body through various angles of her gym-toned physique while in a yellow swim-suit. Needless to say, “Mandy in Yellow” should officially be turned into a genre because the star effortlessly stuns in the color.

Mandy Shows Off Her Perky Rear

Mandy Rose flaunts her bubble bu*tt in a snap by the beach.

Rose was captured on the beach with the vast blue ocean in the background. In the picture, Mandy was enjoying her time on the water’s bank. The athlete’s body faced the ocean while she perked up her backside at the camera, to flaunt her enviable bubble bu*tt.

She let her long black hair cascade down her back while holding a fistful of it in a half-updo. Mandy also wore brown sunshades to shield her eyes from the scorching bright sun.

Mandy Rose shows off the shredded abs and glutes in a mirror selfie.

In the second slide, the fitness model turned to look at the lens and showcased her flawlessly shredded abs and bosoms in a V-cut underwire swim-suit top. Mandy posed with her arms resting on her hi*ps and elbows turned outwards as she gave a full teeth smile in excitement as the camera’s lens shuttered her image. In the photo, you can clearly see her toned thighs and calves, which is a testament to the hours she spends in the gym.

Fans Indulge In A Friendly Banter In The Comments

The athlete always carried her gym-toned body with grace and boldness.

The final slide boasts Mandy Rose in her gorgeous side profile with her long brown hair smoothly resting on her hi*ps, just below the waistline. She holds the top of her hair with a hair clip and the thin strap of her swim-suit bottom digs into her waist.

In the comments section of the dazzling Instagram post, friends and fans of Mandy got into a casual game of dropping praises for the other objects captured by the frame. As if the beauty’s insanely cut-out curves were not enough to mesmerize them to their wits end.

One user wrote, “Now that’s a lighthouse”. On the other hand, C.J. Perry peppered her with heart-eyes, fire, and heart emojis. Another person wrote, “Fantastic view and the ocean is beautiful too.”

Mandy Is Getting Swim-suit Ready For Summer By Sporting A Tan

Mandy Rose stuns in her signature yellow swim-suit with the beach as the backdrop

Obviously, Mandy Rose has stunned her fans before with fabulous pictures of herself rocking a yellow swim-suit. One time, she was so thick with shredded abs, the athlete displayed her toned and gym-defined body in a triangle top and minuscule bottom swim-suit set.

Back then, Rose sported blonde hair, and the cheerful vibes of the color contrasted with the shade of her swim-suit perfectly. More so, because she was wearing a summer tan.

Mandy is on holiday right now, and chances are that she will sport a similar tan this year too upon her return. But for the athlete, her body is always swim-suit-ready. And for her, every season is swim-suit season.


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