Maisie Smith Turns Up The Heat In A Skimpy Swim-suit: pics

Maisie Smith Turns Up The Heat In A Skimpy Swim-suit: pics

Maisie Smith’s recent Instagram post will make everyone drool. The 21 year old actress showed off her curvaceous body on Instagram during a Dubai vacation.

The actress wore a floral triangle swim-suit that struggled to keep her voluptuous bu*st inside. She paired it with a mesh skirt that had a long slit along her leg.

The open fluffy white shirt made the photo look hotter because it didn’t hide any of her assets.

Her pulled back and parted hair completed his casual yet se**y look.

In another pic, the EastEnders star wore a low-cut cheetah-printed dress that drew eyes to her cleav*age. The tight dress also accentuated her small waist.

The actress sucked on a lollipop as she let her hair down and enjoyed the sunset with shades on.

The diva also loved staying fit and this could be seen in her Instagram gym pics.

In one such photo the actress is decked out in a tight purple sports br*a and black shorts. The sports br*a is highlighting her deep cleav*age and midriff.

The skimpy gym outfit also drew attention to her toned abs and thick thighs.

In another photo posted on Instagram, the actress wore a tight pink tube top that did nothing to hide her bu*st.

The low-cut top gave us a peak at her che*st and the blue jeans shorts highlighted her nu*de thighs. Her red hair wass styled and down as she looked at the camera sed*uctively.


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