Lori Harvey Is Dating Hollywood Actor John Boyega And It’s Serious!

Lori Harvey Is Dating Hollywood Actor John Boyega And It’s Serious!

Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey is now in a relationship with Hollywood celebrity John Boyega and it’s all looked like a very serious relationship!! Lori Harvey has a brand new man and over one more time, she has requested an A-list celebrity.

The 25-year-old journalism personality has apparently won over very achieved British celebrity John Boyega. And as per to a I timate source, John Boyega perhaps Lori’s soul mate. As we all familiar with Steve Harvey the well known and famous widely his legacy can’t be describe in words.

Steve Harvey the stand up comedian also we catch him while in an interview for miss world or miss femina and all. Steve Harvey is an great personality which is familiar with everybodt easily. His name is enough to get catch his personality.

He also does some great works with needy people and also he get a children who wants to study or do something in their life. We can see him in his Show, which used to telecast on a network where he called a famous person to took their interview and telecast them on TV and it gets great TRP to the network.

He is one of the wealthiest person in richest records. His fans really loved him. Steve used to share his personal life on his social media, platform. Where he share every little of his life’s stuffs and used to share personal likings.


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