Lindsey Vonn Is Over The Moon In Yellow Bik*ini: Pics

Lindsey Vonn Is Over The Moon In Yellow Bik*ini: Pics

Lindsey Vonn has officially entered the swimsuit era this summer. The retired Olympic skier’s one million-plus followers have been patiently looking forward to this day. And it is finally here. The star was seen casually adjusting her gold Rolex wristwatch in her newest Instagram share. She mentioned to her fans about the upcoming Formula 1 weekend which is right around the corner.

Lindsey Vonn also included the fact that her week was a rather exhausting one. However, the toil was worth it because of the fruits she would bore this weekend.

Vonn Spends Some Relaxing Time With Jade

Lindsey Vonn in tube top and skirt

In a previous update, Lindsey Vonn was hosting the Laureus Sports Awards in Italy. But recently, Vonn informed her followers about the change of surroundings when she flew back to Miami, Florida for a nice beach day with her pet. She wore a smocked yellow top with a thin strap and matching bottoms with a single crucifix pendant gold chain. Lindsey Vonn also made sure to shield her eyes with a pair of sunglasses as she lounged on the deck. The star athlete adjusted the angle of the camera to display her fully healed legs in the last slide. Her dog was snuggled up between her legs and panting in excitement as he spent a day with his owner.

She wore a smocked yellow top with a thin strap and matching bottoms

Her dog was snuggled up between her legs

Lindsey Vonn Is Gearing Up For The Exciting Formula One

Vonn has one thing on her mind — and it is Formula One

Vonn sported one of her favorite combo bik*inis and coveralls. It consisted of a textured bandeau top with matching bottoms and a nude kimono jacket. Lindsey showcased her enviable obliques and tight abs, but she made sure to protect her eyes behind oversized-framed black sunglasses.

The successful businesswoman secured her beautiful blonde hair in a low bun. She struck the power pose by folding her arms under her chest as she gazed in the distance with only one thing on her mind – Formula 1 Weekend.

Formula One Comes To Miami

The Formula One Miami Grand Prix is being held at the Miami International Autodrome this weekend, on Sunday, May 8. Sky Sports has let out an update stating that Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen would go head-to-head for the number one title.

It is true that Leclerc (Ferrari) is 28 points ahead of Verstappen (Red Bull). But the latter is still considered in the running for a first place finish.

This is because he is the closest to the number Driver. Unfortunately, Mercedes’ W13 car issue still affects Lewis Hamilton’s standing, putting the 7x World Champ in the seventh position.

Although Lindsey Vonn seems like she has completely recovered from her injury and is having the time of her life. But the star has reminded her fans of the truth, which is that she is still rehabilitating.

After an easygoing workout with Jade, Vonn changed into her yellow bik*ini and dove into her home pool for a swim with the dog. Her knotted bun of blonde hair loosened up when she dived into the pool. Thus giving off a more relaxed, unwinding and natural look of the star.


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