Katy Perry Sets The Internet On Fire As She Goes Topl*ess: Photos

Katy Perry Sets The Internet On Fire As She Goes Topl*ess: Photos

Katy Perry, 38, is setting fire to the internet right now as her topless pic has gone viral.

The singer wished partner Orlando Bloom a happy birthday before diverting the spotlight back to her with a pic where she has only pants on.

In the pic, the hitmaker is completely topless as we can see her smooth back hidden only by her long black wig.

Her side boo*b is visible and she is wearing long black baggy pants that’s hiding her long shapely legs and round bu*tt.

In another pic from the same set of pics, the singer can be seen in a bejewelled top that looks like medieval chain mail. The top is see through and she’s not wearing anything underneath except a white cloth that’s wrapped around her boo*bs.

In another pic the popstar is wearing a orange and red corset that’s pushing up her boo*bs to the point of almost making them spill out. She also has on tight black pants that compliment her top well.

She has accessorized with a silver lock necklace and sharp earrings.

Katy knows that she has a great body and often chooses to show it. In a pic she was seen wearing a beautiful green dress that hugged her smooth chest and let her show off her boo*bs.

During an interview with The Cut, the singer said that she doesn’t search about herself online.

She said: I stopped Googling myself a long time ago, and I don’t read comments. So, if I’m on social media, I post and ghost. I am not going to open the door and invite the whole world to comment about how they think I should live my life.”


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