Kate Winslet Hospitalized After Filming Accident in Croatia

Kate Winslet Hospitalized After Filming Accident in Croatia

Kate Winslet will star in Lee, a film directed by Ellen Kuras. Filming is already underway in Croatia, where the actress suffered a fall and had to be taken to the hospital.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress was on set when the accident took place. She was taken to a nearby hospital and her representatives have already confirmed that she is fine. The media outlet claims that Winslet will resume filming this week.

“Kate slipped and was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure required by the production. She is fine and will be filming, as planned, this week,” her crew revealed.

In the film she plays photographer Lee Miller, who worked as a war correspondent for Vogue during World War II. The cast of the feature also includes Marion Cotillard, Jude Law, Andrea Riseborough and Josh O’Connor. The film is expected to hit theaters in 2023.

Kate Winslet

“It won’t be a biopic. A story about Lee’s whole life would make for a series on HBO. What we wanted to do was find the most interesting decade of his life, the one that defined who he was and what he became because of what he went through. It was the period from 1938 to 1948, the one that took her through the war, her defining moment. That’s the story we want people to know about Lee, more than many other parts of her life,” Winslet explained in 2021 to Deadline.

In addition to Lee, Winslet has several projects on the horizon. On December 16, 2022, she premieres Avatar: The Sense of Water under the orders of James Cameron and she will soon begin shooting Fake! a film with Scott Z. Burns as director. His latest work was Mare of Easttown, an HBO miniseries that won him an Emmy Award.


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