Johnny Depp’s Poor Personal Hygiene Was Reportedly So Appalling On Set Angelina Jolie Refused to Kiss Him Until He…

Johnny Depp’s Poor Personal Hygiene Was Reportedly So Appalling On Set Angelina Jolie Refused to Kiss Him Until He…

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp offered their star power to the 2010 film The Tourist. According to Forbes, the film was remarkable because it brought together two mega-stars, which meant that The Tourist‘s budget had to account for both Jolie and Depp’s exorbitant salaries.

The Tourist had everything going for it; set in Paris and Venice, the film enticed audiences with the allure of virtual travel. It promised glitz, intrigue, and mystery, not to mention the draw of Depp and Jolie’s on-screen banter and flirtation. Unfortunately, The Tourist was a disaster, with only a 20% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. What a colossal waste.

However, not everybody knew that Angelina Jolie refused to kiss Depp due to his poor personal hygiene.

Angelina Jolie found Johnny Depp too scruffy

While filming went as planned, reports surfaced that Jolie found Depp difficult to work with at times. According to reports, Jolie anticipated Depp to get in better condition for the film and wanted him to chop his hair since he looked too scruffy. Not only that but Jolie was annoyed by Depp’s tardiness on set numerous mornings, citing his predilection for late-night partying.

Angelina Jolie initially refused to kiss Johnny Depp in The Tourist due to his terrible breath and poor personal hygiene. He was begged by the actress to use mouthwash. Johnny Depp has never boasted about his lack of hygiene, but he is far from clean. Depp does not like to shower regularly, and as a result, he stinks. Everyone knows Depp’s schedule is usually insanely packed but is he really too busy to take a shower? I have my doubts.

“When Johnny shows up for work or travel, he’s usually in bad shape,” according to sources. “He’ll be a total expert if he shows up for work on set, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be shiny and clean. His hair, makeup, and costume teams are in charge of his movie looks. In person, he’s quite a character.”

Angelina Jolie gave Johnny Depp relationship advices on set

While Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp were occasionally annoyed by each other on set (who isn’t?), they also had positive things to say about each other. According to reports, at the premiere of The Tourist, Jolie said of Depp:

“We just got put together in the film and we both like each other’s movies, but had never met. And we met and we talked about kids for the first hour and France for the second and had a good laugh. We really enjoyed working with each other in the film and I hope that comes across.”

Jolie would go on to say that she was surprised by Depp’s sheer awesomeness. The actress claims that the two lost a lot of production time because of Depp’s shenanigans on set.


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