John Harrison: The person who is paid Millions of salary for doing ice cream test

John Harrison: The person who is paid Millions of salary for doing ice cream test

Who does not like to eat sweet, the greed of sweet thing is of every class of person. The combination of sweet with cold will be seen in anything other than an ice cream. An ice cream is liked by everyone from children to old people. This is the reason why the ice cream business around the world is considered enough to compete with any alcohol business.

There are many brands of ice cream around the world, let us tell you that to test any new ice cream brand, the help of only one person is taken, he is John Harrison of America, for this he takes up to the salary of crores of rupees.

Due to being an ice cream making factory of John’s grandfather, he has been fond of eating and making ice cream since childhood. He had the quality of tasting ice cream and giving ways to make it better since childhood.

Despite his association with ice cream since childhood, he joined the Dreyer Company in 1956 as a mentor. When his suggestion made the ice cream taste good, he started working as an ice cream taster. According to an interview, Dreyer has said that he has tasted more than 200 million gallons of ice cream while in the company.

It has been heard that the spoon with which John tastes the ice cream is coated with gold, due to the slight crack in the plastic spoon, which can affect the taste of the ice cream. With this spoon, he used to taste 20 ice cream flavors every day, which were of 60 types, this is his daily work for 5 hours.

Harrison has his tongue insured for $2 million, despite his retirement from work, and continues to taste. But not like before, earlier they had decided to eat ice cream whole, but now due to increase in body weight, while eating ice cream, they do not eat it whole, but spit after tasting it.

Scientists say that their tongue taste glands are 11.5 percent thinner than the common man’s tongue. So they can feel the taste of any ice cream better than the rest.

From their experience, they have reported that they can tell which ice cream flavor a person would prefer, for example by saying “New Englanders tend to prefer coffee-based flavors, while those in California and the Western states Interested in chocolatework Pecans and strawberries are the favorites in the South and Midwest, while vanilla ice cream is still the most popular choice around the world.”

He describes his way of tasting ice cream, “putting the ice cream in a spoon and placing it on the tongue and then spitting it around the mouth. In just a few seconds, they tell what’s wrong with ice cream? Let me tell you, his favorite ice cream is, strawberry, cocoa, coconut and mango with vanilla with taste of taste.


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