See Jennifer Connelly Flaunt a Leopard Print Bik*ini

See Jennifer Connelly Flaunt a Leopard Print Bik*ini

Hollywood legend Jennnifer Connelly isn’t one to shy away from the camera, from playing the attractive but tough-as-nails bartender in Top Gun: Maverick, to the second-in-command revolutionary in the hit TV series Snowpiercer, or showing off her incredible looks and fashion sense in a leopard print bik*ini over Instagram.

The simple black and white photo comes from an unknown time and place earlier in Jennifer Connelly’s career but is still jaw-dropping all the same. The throwback photo shows her sporting a low-cut one-piece bik*ini or body suit, perfectly straight and silky smooth hair, and this coy smile that would leave any fan mildly obsessed.

Posted by a fan account under the handle: _jenniferconnelly on September 6, this throwback photo is a perfect way to make the day of any Jennifer Connelly fan. The blurred background makes Jennifer Connelly the center of attention. Not that she needs a lot of help to achieve this goal.

To date, the photo has received over 3000 likes and the comment section is filled with endless heart emojis, messages of admiration, and a handful of ‘queen’ style comments.

It does leave a few questions to ponder. Where exactly was this photo taken and where might a fan find more from this time period? What film or photoshoot was Jennifer Connelly promoting?

Who exactly was Jennifer Connelly wearing? Or in other words, where might any fans of whichever clothing designer made her leopard print bik*ini be able to pick one up? Most importantly, where can we get more photos of her in such a stunning outfit?

At least 10,000 people are following this fan account and for good reason. Every single post on the page is nothing but Jennifer Connelly looking fabulous in all assortments of outfits, makeup styles, and her signature ‘blue steel’ look that follows you around the room, no matter where your screen is sitting.

Speaking of outfits, on Jennifer Connelly’s official Instagram page, she is showing off a new outfit from high-end fashion brands Telva and Louis Vuitton. A simple snow-white blazer, a traditional Louis Vuitton purse, and classic ‘mom’ jeans are shown off in a two-photo carousel.

Given the unknown age of the original throwback photo, it is shocking how little has changed in Jennifer Connelly’s looks and every photo on both the fan account and Connelly’s official account would easily stop anyone from scrolling past them. This is especially amazing given that Connelly was born in 1970, making her (incorrectly) older by Hollywood standards.

The next question is how many heads will turn in Jennifer Connelly’s new arthouse film, Bad Behavior premiering at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Bad Behavior centers around Lucy, played by Jennifer Connelly, a former child actor that journeys to a ‘yuppie’ silent retreat in an idyllic mountain town. Lucy has to navigate toxic and co-dependant traits in healing role-playing activities with a young influencer/DJ staying in the silent retreat.

Now, whether Jennifer Connelly will bring her leopard print bik*ini to this mountain retreat will remain the question on any follower’s mind.


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