How Is Joycelyn Savage Pregnant With R. Kelly’s Baby Despite Singer Being Locked Up Since 2019?

How Is Joycelyn Savage Pregnant With R. Kelly’s Baby Despite Singer Being Locked Up Since 2019?

R. Kelly is currently serving 30 years behind bars. The embroiled R&B star’s legal issues are not over yet, as it appears he is still facing charges in Chicago that could add to his sentence. This is particularly troubling as his girlfriend Joycelyn Savage, or fiance according to recent reports, alleges that she is pregnant with R. Kelly’s child.

R. Kelly’s former goddaughter is currently taking the stand in his home state of Illinois to open up about a relationship she had with the star back in her teens. Now 37, the woman’s identity has been protected by the court, and she is only referred to as Jane. Jane says that her history with Robert Kelly began when she was only 14 years old. She also reveals that by 15, they begin being intimate and that she would recruit friends for R. Kelly to interact with as well. Jane alleges that she is the young woman from the infamous video that first exposed Kelly back in the early ’00s and began the rumors of his relationship with underaged girls.

While his legal issues continue to mount, one relationship that seems to continue to thrive is that with Joycelyn Savage. Savage was one of the women who has stood by Kelly’s side since the #muterkelly movement and surviving R. Kelly documentary landed the singer behind bars. Savage has displayed clear signs of trauma and Stockholm syndrome towards her lover, with conflicting reports over the years about her experience with him. These days, Savage is all in love and has been doubling down on claims that not only has Robert been good to her, but they are also still very much in love, engaged, and expecting a child. How is this possible if R. Kelly has been behind bars all this time?

Fans were equally puzzled, and many took to social media to question Savage’s claims. Even Rob’s lawyer came forward and said that Joycelyn was lying about being pregnant. So what’s the truth? R. Kelly was charged February 2019, over two years ago. Many assumed Joycelyn and Kelly may have conceived during a conjugal visit.

According to Joycelyn, she and Robert had been planning to have children before he went to j’ail, and she was undergoing IVF treatment. “His lawyer didn’t know that prior to him going to j’ail, Robert and I were doing IVF because, at the time, I was told I couldn’t have a baby,” Savage told ET. She continued, “Once his lawyer did find out, she wanted me to have an ab’ortion because she didn’t feel that now was the time for me to have a child following the 30-year sentence.”

Savage says that despite opposition from his legal team, she and Robert are very happy and eager for this next chapter in their lives. Savage is currently five months pregnant and expecting a baby girl. “I’m very excited,” she told news outlets.

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