How Did Michael Jackson’s Skin Turn White As He Got Older?

How Did Michael Jackson’s Skin Turn White As He Got Older?

Michael Jackson, aside from his appearance, turned people’s heads with his white complexion.

In music history and industry, it is safe to say that Jackson became one of the best musicians the public ever met. Although his scandals somewhat overshadowed his contributions, he continued to connect with the world through his music that he became the King of Pop.

But out of all the bizarre things about him, the questions about his white skin continue to be one of the most searched queries online.


Plastic surgery and enhancement had nothing to do with Jackson’s skin. Unfortunately, it was actually caused by a condition called vitiligo.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, vitiligo develops on a person’s skin, forming small light patches. These patches can grow or stay the same size for years.

Jackson initially suffered severe acne breakouts when he was a teen. However, he initially did not see any signs of discoloration at all. His single, “Ben,” could prove it as the public did not notice anything odd about his skin condition at that time.

But when the then-24-year-old singer started recording “Thriller,” he finally spotted changes in his skin color.

He eventually addressed it in a 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey. At that time, he dismissed the rumors that he bleached his skin and said that the rumors about it hurt him.

“I have a skin disorder that destroys the pigmentation of the skin. It’s something I cannot help. When people make up stories that I don’t like who I am, it hurts me,” he said.

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His personal dermatologist also explained his condition 10 years before Jackson’s interview with Winfrey. Dermatologist Arnold Klein told The Washington Post that the “Smooth Criminal” singer might be one of the first famous people to ever disclose a vitiligo diagnosis to the public.

Meanwhile, the doctors at the University of Massachusetts Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center supported Jackson’s revelation but revealed that he was good at hiding it. They added that the King of Pop treated it with de-pigmenting cream.

Conrad Murray, who was charged over the singer’s death, revealed that he also applied bleaching cream to Jackson every evening to make his body “lily-white” and “as white as a t-shirt.”

Other stars and personalities who have the same condition include Winnie Harlow, Gautam Singhania, Jon Hamm, and Joe Rogan.

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