Heidi Klum Has An Accidental Nip Slip In A Tiny One-Piece

Heidi Klum Has An Accidental Nip Slip In A Tiny One-Piece

Heidi Klum made everyone smile with her worm Halloween outfit. But the model is back again flaunting her s*exy self with a new photo that has her accidentally showing some nip!

In a recent photo posted on her Instagram, the 49 year old former Victoria’s Secret Angel swung her hair in a low-cut one piece that exposed more than she was willing to!

The former model spread her legs and leaned on the bathroom counter to create an almost blurry selfie. Her posture made her melons pop out as the white swimwear failed to contain them.

Her hair did cover her left boob, but not the right one. And this caused a little nip slip.

But as a former Sports Illustrated model, Heidi is familiar amd comfortable with displaying herself.

In one such fashion show throwback photo, the AGT judge wore a skimpy silver bi*kini with large wings that showcased her stunning curves.

The tiny bi*kini bottom and red heels especially drew attention to her long toned legs.

The former model once posted a t*opless photo where she’s wearing just a b*ikini bottom. Her blonde hair is all mussed up and barely covering her nip*ples, let alone her large t*its.

The stringy bottoms are tiny and just draw attention to her sensuous and hot thick thighs.

Her arm is up as she lets go and enjoys the view. In the photo, it looks like Heidi is subtly giving everyone the bird.

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