Halle Berry Reacts After Keke Palmer Says She Looks Better Than Her

Halle Berry Reacts After Keke Palmer Says She Looks Better Than Her

Halley berry totally responded after nope’s keke Palmer joked she look better than the catwomen star While Keke Palmer is a tremendous actress, she can also cut up with the best of them with her self-aware humor and crazy online diagrams. So making an off-hand statement isn’t

out of Palmer’s wheelhouse as an entertainer. This time, her brand of spirit led to another internet moment as she hilariously claimed she resembled Halle Berry. The Nope star had a small shady moment, kidding she glances nicely and prompting the Catwoman star to react.

Understanding the internet is constantly correlating her to other actresses the Nope star agreed to go left-field as she jokingly said the Oscar winner was her hero look-alike. It appeared like the clip got back to Berry who hopped on her Twitter account with a crazy reaction of her own.

The Catwoman star shortly went into mom mode as she hilariously used Palmer’s legal first name to address the viral Wired clip: Knowing Palmer’s comment was in jest, Berry shortly replied to her tweet by declaring openly her affection for the 28-year-old actress.

Check out her good shout-out for the Nope star and the box office hit below. See there are no difficult impressions between the two actresses. Berry didn’t want the internet to twist her words and establish unnecessary beef between her and Palmer. But the Moonfall

actress liked to give Palmer the similar fun energy as the clip did. Hopefully, this moment will lead the two actresses to collaborate on a movie someday. The Oscar winner’s reaction is nothing unusual for her as she can be crazy when it arrives to seeing viral clips or fan questions.

At the same time, Berry is known to be extremely supportive of other Black actresses, especially younger ones like Zendaya even making a large prediction for her future. So, her reaction was completely on-brand, although she isn’t scared to clap around at random strangers or the press from time to time.

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