Girls Born In Different Colors Make It Nearly Impossible To Tell They Are Twins

These two adorable twin girls are only 7 months old, but they are already Internet-famous. Isabella and Gabriella gained their following because of one unique feature; even though they are twin sisters, they were born with two extremely different skin tones.

“Isabella is a calm baby and super laid back. She giggles whenever you stare at her and loves to be tickled. Gabriella started crawling at 5 months as has not stopped moving since.

She’s a smiling ball of energy and loves to snuggle,” the mother of the girls, Clementina Shipley, said to Essence.

Many people had guessed that the girls were mixed-race, but they are actually both African-American. Surely, the parents won’t have any problems telling them apart!

Isabella and Gabriella are 7-month-old twin girls who won over the hearts of many people