Georgina Rodríguez Exposes Deep Cleav*age In A Tight B*ra: Pics

Georgina Rodríguez Exposes Deep Cleav*age In A Tight B*ra: Pics

Georgina Rodriguez is ace footballer Christiano Ronaldo’s wife, and going by her Instagram posts, a voluptuous hottie too. The 28 year old babe flaunts her curvaceous body and lavish life on social media and that makes tongues wag.

In a recent post, she angled her camera up and took a photo that put the focus squarely on her large boo*bs.

Her thin white bik*ini top struggled to contain her melons as she gave us all a peak at the blue ocean behind the yatch she was in.

In another pic, the Spanish model can be seen sitting on a beautiful sofa in a low-cut tank top that almost spilled out her ti*ts.

The tight black top highlighted her narrow waist and the zebra printed skirt drew all eyes to her thighs.

The low light reflecting off the watery background made the picture look sensuous.

In another post shared on Instagram, the dancer can be seen wearing a tight pink dress that’s accentuating all her curves.

The low-cut dress struggled to cup her boo*bs but her narrow waist is perfectly highlighted by the tight outfit.

She is wearing her luscious black hair straight down and it looks like she has avoided accessorizing as well. The model is a fitness freak too and in a gym pic she can be seen wearing a tight sports b*ra with a deep cleav*age.

Apart from her busty boo*bs, the tight b*ra highlighted her narrow and toned midriff. To round it off, the tight pants are hugging her shapely legs and helping her show them off.


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