Florida Boy Dies in Car Cr*ash on the Way Home after His Very First Day of School

Florida Boy Dies in Car Cr*ash on the Way Home after His Very First Day of School

On the first day of school, a 6-year-old Florida boy was sitting in the back’seat of his mother’s car when another vehicle coll’ided with their car. After spi’nning on the road for a while, their sedan came to a halt, but it was too late.

Every parent yea’rns to see their little one go to school. Most parents try to drop off their children themselves on the first day instead of using the school bus because they want to see them walk through the school gates. It’s a day they would remember forever.


A few days after celebrating Azir Louis-Jeune ‘s sixth birthday, his mother, Lacey Fiedtkou, was excited to send him to school for the first time. She and her sister, Nakisha Louis-Jeune, had waited for this day for a long time.

On August 17, 2022, an unfortunate incident turned the family’s life upside down. In the night’s dark’ness, Lacey held her car’s steering wheel while Azir sat in the back’seat. They were on Florida’s turn’pike when their Volkswagen Passat br*oke down.

Lacey stop’ped the car in the inside travel lane while she figured out what to do next. In no time, she felt a huge jerk that made her car spin multiple times before it came to rest. A Mercedes-Benz had coll*ided with the rear end of her car.


A man sitting in the passenger’s seat of Lacey’s car also got severely injured during the accident. Meanwhile, the driver of the Mercedes Benz st’epped out and fled from the scene hold’ing an infant.

Soon, the first res’ponders arr’ived and res’cued Lacey, the man with her, and Azir. Unfort’unately, they couldn’t find Azir’s heart’beat and pron’ounced him d*ead on the spot while Lacey and the man were taken to Broward Hea’lth Med’ical Center.

While Lacey soon came home after the accident, Azir never returned. His family was de*vast’ated to watch him go at such a ten’der age. They had dr’eamt of celebrating his achievements in every stage of his life but fe’lt hel’pless about fate’s plans.


“He had an opportunity to have his first day of school, and his first day would be his last day,” Nakisha said. She felt heart’bro’ken after learning about her “loving” nephew’s sud’den demise. No one in the family was prepared to face the bitter truth. She added:

“It’s kind of hard to go on without him, ’cause we feel like someone just rob’bed us of Azir, rob*bed his parents of Azir.”

It only took a few seconds for little Azir’s life to end after the d*eadly coll’ision. His aunt remembers him as a bright boy who always spoke the truth and lit up their world with his presence. The entire family was sho’cked and wanted jus’tice for their little bundle of joy.


After the accident, the Florida Highway Patrol inves’tigated the ca’se. They looked at CCTV footage and contacted the owner of the other car invo’lved in the cr*ash. Unfort’unately, the owner was not driving the vehicle at that time.

Through the footage, the auth’orities had disc’overed that the driver was a man of color, around 20 to 25 years old, and was about five and a half feet tall. Soon, the police got a lead on the man through a witness.

After fleeing the accident site, the man got into another vehicle, reque’sting the driver to take him to the hosp’ital. While they were on the way, the man asked to stop the car and got off near an apartment comp’lex in Davie, Florida, Toscana Place.


Nakisha was shocked at the man’s audacity to flee the accident site. She said what he did was “disgu’sting” and believed he should have stopped there. She said:

“You say you were concerned about the well-being of your kid, but you left somebody else’s kid on the side of a highway as if he was nothing.”

“It could have been an accident; just stay. Why would you leave? But, of course, they left because what they did was wrong,” Nakisha added. She hoped someone would soon ca’tch the man while the po’lice continued their invest’igation.

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