Female Rapper Ice Spice Has A New Man …. Stranger Things Caleb McLaughlin!!

Female Rapper Ice Spice Has A New Man …. Stranger Things Caleb McLaughlin!!

Female rapper Ice Spice has a new man…She’s dating Stranger Things actor Caleb McLaughlin! And now many are comparing her to Cardi B.

Up-and-coming female rapper Ice Spice has BAGGED a successful actor and the new couple is going VIRAL today. Munch (Feelin’ U) hitmaker is quickly rising within the music industry and she’s now DATING a handsome and successful actor who you all probably know very well.

Yes, she’s dating Stranger Things actor Caleb McLaughlin!

Half Dominican-half Black rapper Ice Spice is rapidly moving to the top and now many are comparing her with rappers like Cardi B and Saweetie. Like Cardi B, Ice Spice comes from nothing and has been lucky enough to get people’s attention through her music and social media presence.

Born and raised in Bronx, Ice Spice doesn’t come from a powerful background but her father is said to be an underground local rapper aswell.

The 22-year-old rapper only started creating music a year ago and her hit track ‘Munch’nis turning out to be a ticket to Hollywood now.


The young rapper is also being compared to Cardi B, who at the very beginning of her career bagged successful rapper Offset. Like her, Ice Spice has also managed to land a successful actor.

Sources have claimed that Caleb, 20, and Ice Spice have been dating for a few weeks now and though it is new, it’s still a very intense relationship.

“Ice Spice and Caleb are dating and are really into each other,” the source revealed.

This is Caleb’s first public relationship and there’s not much known about Ice Spice’s past relationships either. In fact, so far, people don’t even know Ice Spice’s real name.

She started her social media presence and rap music by the name Ice Spice and that’s what people know her by now.

Aside from getting together with one of the most desirable young stars of Hollywood, Ice is making a lot of the young rappers jealous of her powerful connections to the music industry after her hit tracks.

Ice grabbed the attention of Drake and has already co-signed with him.. Moreover, she will soon be on tour with rapper B-Lovee.

All of this sudden success is making people doubt that Ice is an industry plant but she addressed this common accusation in an interview recently.

“I know what it took to get me here, and I know how much work I’m putting in… I truly feel like they know I’m not a plant. I think they just say stuff like that ‘cause they’re mad that I’m going up faster than their fav,” she said in an interview.

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