Fans Accuse Kim Kardashian of Another Photoshop Fail – Pics Inside

Fans Accuse Kim Kardashian of Another Photoshop Fail – Pics Inside

has been accused of using photoshop on her latest sizzling Instagram snaps – but not all fans are convinced. 

The reality star, 42, showed off her toned physique in a tiny black bra embellished with Swarovski crystals and a matching thong. 

The post left fans divided as some believe she has altered her leg in the first photo, whereas others say it is ‘obviously a mirror’.  

Kim was promoting her SKIMS holiday range and looked sensational during the mini home photoshoot.

But one person posted a zoomed in close up of Kim’s legs on Reddit and said: ‘What’s happening to Kimothy here? It literally looks like there’s a seam on her inner thigh.’ 

This sparked a debate between fans on whether it was photoshop or just a dodgy mirror shot.

One user jokingly wrote: ‘It’s the zipper of her skin suit, obv.’

Another penned: ‘What is going on with the thighs and are they going over the undies or what??!’

A third wrote: ‘Someone said it was a mirror behind her idk tho but I can see her arm reflection too’ 

While others pointed out: ‘It’s a mirror. In the post she made with this picture there’s like 5 other pictures with it that make it clear as day that it’s a mirror. That’s her leg reflection’

Another said: ‘Like we all know they photoshop to high heavens but this??? Don’t insult my intelligence’ 

A third penned: ‘I think she’s in front of a mirror, you know I love a good failed photoshop but I sadly don’t think it’s that’

This isn’t the first time Kim has been accused of photoshop as a few months ago an eagle-eyed TikTok user demonstrated how Kim allegedly edited her body for a slimmer-looking neck in a recent poolside snap.

Commercial photographer Caroline Ross posted a TikTok video showing how Kim, 41, apparently edited her trapezius muscle in a photo she posted earlier this month advertising her Beats collaboration.

To reveal the apparent edit job done by Kim, Ross used a tool from photoshop and ‘corrected’ the image to show how Kim’s neck naturally looked before it was allegedly cut out.

‘Kim K is notorious for Photoshopping out her traps,’ Caroline, who goes by Caroline In The City on TikTok, alleged. ‘Why? I don’t know, maybe it makes her neck look smaller. But this area right here has been Photoshopped out.

‘When we zoom in, we can see that the water pattern behind her here has been warped. Using the liquify tool Photoshop, I’m going to now show you what it would look like without the Photoshopping applied to it,’ she explained.

‘As you can see, the water reflection in the background starts to look a lot more natural as well, we don’t have that warped effect.’

‘We also have a behind the scenes video from the shoot to compare as well,’ she said before showing off screenshot from the clip.

‘Here’s the photo that they released,’ Caroline added as she compared the shots. ‘Here is the corrected version. Check out the water patterns in the background.’

The TikToker showed how Kim’s neck was just slightly slimmer in the after photo and used the ‘warped’ water as evidence.  

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