Eve admits her love for black men despite her relationship with Maximillon Cooper, In Discovered Interview

Apparently, if you are a Black person and choose to date someone other despite black. The rule gets out of the race. But, in 2022, that Rapper, actress and T.V. famous personality Eve, is no stranger to a**eged due to her choice, dating and marrying a white man, named Maximilion Cooper.

However she’s very much in love white the white husband, she also said that her love for black men has never d*ed. Eve found her love in 2010, with her present husband, she met him at a Gumball 300 rally. In 2014, and the Philadelphia born Eve jeffera became Mrs. Maximillion Cooper with a ritual ceremony in Ibiza,

Spain. But although, the “Let me Blow your Mind” rapper found love and happiness, but also she experienced hate in the form of trolling from social media. The social media users trolled her also before marriage and after marriage that their life seems c**tical.

In the 2012, at a interview with Angir Martinez, she said I need them to stop. Seriously. Eve said to Angie that their relationship with Cooper was very new for both of them. She added: Trust me, I have to say it for me it’s weird that I married a white man.

The Grammy Award winning artist said, Eve reported that she would Continouesly look at her and then on her husband and said look at her how white he is. But Cooper also felt weird experience with his own.

She said, her mom and step father once things starts to heat up and get severe between Eve and Cooper. The rapper shared in an interview that her father keep referring everyone as friend of mine also knowing that we are romantically involved. At the time of family holiday the two had experienced their respective cultures with food.

Eve recalled the memories, and said I used to get parsnips and turnips and I think that’s normal. She said we both experienced each other quietly. Although there’s also she stated that she won’t down. I don’t let him dance.