Emma Watson Gives A Sneak Peak Of Her Cl*eavage In A Tight Uniform

Emma Watson Gives A Sneak Peak Of Her Cl*eavage In A Tight Uniform

Emma Watson is a name that needs no introductions. The A-lister is famous for her movies, style, and looks. But we don’t see much of her except when she’s promoting her movies.

But the Harry Potter actress recently stepped out for a game of pickleball and gave us a peek at her b*ra.

The actress wore an all-white uniform with a mini skirt that drew all eyes to her toned legs. The fitted white top accentuated her toned physique and buxom chest.

The star was sweaty during the game and opted to pull down the chain of her top to reveal a black bra that gave us a sneak peek at her cl*eavage.

Emma’s red carpet looks are unmatched as the actress always steps out in her best outfits.

Like, during the Beauty and the Beast premiere she wore a strapless black dress with a deep neckline that showcased her b**bs.

She had her hair up and that let her sharp cheekbones shine. For another event, she wore a gorgeous almost sheer low-cut silvery white dress.

The dress highlighted her cl*eavage and drew attention to her narrow waist. She wore her luscious locks down for the event as she waved at the cameras.

The Beauty and the Beast star once wore a white dress with little blue flowers. It was risque and low-cut, and had a deep cl*eavage.

The simple dress with two straps highlighted her assets and toned body. Emma chose to wear her hair down and didn’t accessorize for this outing except with a pair of earrings.

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