See Elizabeth Hurley Strut Her Stuff In A S*xy Dress

See Elizabeth Hurley Strut Her Stuff In A S*xy Dress

Elizabeth Hurley has made a habit of posting alluring images on social media, but in the video she posted to her official Instagram account on Wednesday, she took extra special care to show off her still stunning physique in a sexy dress.

Dancing and posing to Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros’s “Mondo Bongo,” the Austin Powers star takes more time than usual to give her followers a wonderful view.

It’s good to see Elizabeth Hurley in bright spirits. The actress seemed to have been hit particularly hard by the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. After the monarch’s death, Hurley posted a tribute in photos to her Instagram and wrote in her caption that the Queen was “Cut from a cloth that has long been discontinued,” adding, “RIP our wonderful Queen. What a sad, bleak day.”

One reason Elizabeth Hurley may have been so struck by the Queen’s death is that she played one for three years. Between 2015 and 2018 Hurley was the lead of the E! soap opera The Royals.

In her case, of course, she played the fictional Queen Helena who got into the kinds of situations we doubt the real Queen had to handle.

The Queen’s d*ath was quickly followed by an anniversary that reminded Elizabeth Hurley of a much more personal loss. The Runaways star posted an image with her ex-fiancee and professional cricketer Shane Warne in remembrance of what would have been his 53rd birthday, writing, “Happy Birthday Lionheart. You’re missed every day.”


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Warne di*d of a heart atta’ck this past March while he was on vacation in Thailand. Warne and Elizabeth Hurley dated in the early 2010s and announced an engagement in 2011, but by 2013 the marriage was called off. Warne would later express regret over the split as The Daily Express noted later, calling his time with Hurley, “the happiest of my life.”

We’re guessing some time this year we’ll get to see Elizabeth Hurley return to the big screen with Christmas in the Caribbean, whose title is no doubt inspired by the 1992 song of the same name by Jimmy Buffet.

Hurley will lead the film as Rachel, a would-be bride who is stood up at the altar but decides to go ahead and take her planned Christmas honeymoon cruise regardless, escorted by her two friends and bridesmaids. We don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing she’s going to fall for someone on the boat.

The film is directed and co-written by Philippe Martinez (Harsh Times), with Nathalie Cox (Clash of the Titans) both starring in and co-writing the film.

Elizabeth Hurley in The Royals

Elizabeth Hurley will also be joined by Caroline Quentin (Bridgerton),  Edoardo Costa (Live Free or Die Hard), Hadar Cats (Mister Mayfair), Downtown Julie Brown (Spy Hard) and newcomer Rafael Martinez. No release date for the film has been announced yet.

And we’re still waiting to find out if/when Elizabeth Hurley’s fantasy romance horror film The Piper will be released. Based on the Pied Piper myth and set in Germany, The Piper has been listed as being in post-production for well over a year.


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