Elizabeth Hurley Drips Like The ‘Royalty’ She Is In Se*xy Lingerie: Pics

Elizabeth Hurley Drips Like The ‘Royalty’ She Is In Se*xy Lingerie: Pics

The Royals actress Elizabeth Hurley sent temperatures soaring with her recent Instagram post. Apparently, the star was celebrating the release of The Royals on Netflix last Friday.

Elizabeth Hurley plays the role of Queen Helena in the show. And unfortunately, her role was cut-through when E! canceled its production in 2018.

But since the streaming giant decided to renew the show and bring it back, things have been looking up for Elizabeth Hurley. The actress shared a bunch of attractive photos from her time on set.

Through the Instagram share, she looked back on the good times during the shoot. In addition, she asked her two million-plus followers to engross themselves into the series.

Hurley Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

Elizabeth Hurley in black plunging dress

“The Royals has dropped on @netflix All four seasons. Such happy memories of making such a fun, silly show about a fictitious British Royal Family ❤️,” she wrote in the caption.

Elizabeth Hurley started off the post with a se*xy snap of herself donning an Ivory lace negligee and matching underwear.

The skimpy ensemble showcased her toned abs and perky bust as she posed before the recording cameras. Hurley styled her blonde-brown hair in an unkempt manner.

And she wore dark eyeliner to boast a seductive look. And the fun has just begun, because the posts that follow take the hotness up by several notches.

Hurley on the sets of The Royals

A few swipes take us to the second to the last frame of the slideshow. Therein lies a se*xier collage of the British actress in a sheer mesh bodysuit and tople*ss lace underwear.

On the left side, Hurley is looking at the camera to flaunt her ki*ller curves in the pushup black br*a. The star made sure to contain her essentials with a black jacket.

For accessories, Elizabeth Hurley wore a diamond necklace. She styled her shiny brown hair in a loose wave. Looking to the right side, the 56 year-old actress posed tople*ss before her on-screen partner-in-crime (Jake Maskall), and displayed her peachy posterior and long bouncy curls.

She Is The Talk Of The Town

Elizabeth serves stunning looks in The Royals

Elizabeth Hurley has created a statement out of her fashion choices. Fans all across the internet look up to her as a fashion icon. And with Netflix bringing the star back with the series, it is certain that a lot more of Hurley’s top-notch stuff is on the way.

Her announcement post also featured pictures of Dame Joan Collins who played her mother, her son, Damian, actress Victoria Ekanoye, and Alex Parks.

With The Royals, the scheming Henstridges are back on the small screen. And ardent fans are getting impatient as they look forward to the breath of fresh air that will follow the three-year drought.

The Cast Reunites At Birthday Parties

Elizabeth Hurley celebrating Dame Joan Collins in a vintage Roberto Cavalli dress

Over the years, the cast of The Royals has had several mini-reunions. The last one took place in February during Dame Joan Collins’ birthday celebration. Elizabeth Hurley made an appearance to the party in an archive Roberto Cavalli dress with Damian as her date.

In an update provided by Daily Mail, it was stated that Elizabeth Hurley did make it into the list of the Se*xiest Woman over 50 this year. But Hurley lost to Kylie Minogue.

However, she beat out Friends alum Jennifer Aniston. It does not come as a shock to see Liz Hurley’s nam3 in the list. Considering how she keeps on delighting her followers with some incredibly se*xy snaps every now and then.


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