Dua Lipa Turns Up The Heat In A See-Through Bodysuit: Photos

Dua Lipa Turns Up The Heat In A See-Through Bodysuit: Photos

Dua Lipa is the one to watch for her daring fashion choices, amazing talent, and incredible figure. The brunette beauty has the magic to make any look work.

She has done that in the last couple of months, thrilling us with her electrifying performances while donning cute outfits to her red carpet appearances.

Dua never seems to miss! It’s one of the reasons her fan loves her However, on today’s episode of keeping up with the New Rules singer, she set pulses racing in this se*xy outfit she wore while wrapping up her tour in Australia, and it is so cute.

Dua Heat Things Up

The singer, who has done so consistently since the start of her tour, uploaded a carousel of images from her Future Nostalgia tour while decked out in a sheer garment with a floral pattern woven through it and fastened at the top and bottom.

The top’s fluttery, V-shaped hem complemented the bell-shaped sleeves. In keeping with the synchronization theme, Dua wore her top with the brand’s high-waisted matching pants.

The Melbourne-bound singer completed her ensemble with a heavy gold bracelet, a chain necklace, and hoop earrings. Dua kept her makeup glitzy, opting for pink lips, a high ponytail, and a smokey green eye.

The Singer Enjoys Yoga

Dua has the body for any outfit she decides to don, thanks to the time she spends working her body behind the scenes. There is a ton of proof to support Lipa’s growing interest in and proficiency with yoga on her Instagram page, which dates back to 2019. The fact, self-described yogini stated that she has been “practicing yoga for about seven years – just going to classes,” in an interview with Glamour.

“But for maybe three years, I’ve been doing it almost religiously…When I first started, I saw it as more of a workout. Now, it’s turned into a form of meditation. And it’s been really helpful because it’s an hour of my day where all I focus on is just a movement.”

Since then, Lipa has admitted that she heavily relied on yoga to keep herself calm amidst the bustle of touring, with the help of her yoga instructor Annie Landa, who traveled with Lipa.

Cameron Crowe, the director of Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky, expressed appreciation for Dua Lipa’s desire to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On their Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, the filmmaker recently chatted with Rolling Stone magazine.

The director has a concept for a Dazzler movie that he intends to pitch to Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, eventually. The X-Men is one of the most anticipated teams in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A number of the series’ characters—embodied by well-known people like Dua Lipa—could transition to the big screen.

“I’m feeling Dua Lipa for this. ‘Yeah, I’ve been thinking about her for Dazzler, you know, I’ve been thinking about this for a while… I think it’s great.”

A New Album On The Way

Recently, the singer said she feels more “in control” of her upcoming new album than ever.

Lipa initially hinted at the release of her follow-up to her 2020 blockbuster Future Nostalgia in January when she stated she had “done a big chunk of writing” for the new song.

The pop diva later disclosed that the album was “50% done” and “starting to take shape” in March.


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