Do You Still Enjoy R Kelly’s Music? While supporters launch a petition, celebrities respond to his sentencing

R. Kelly will publicly be serving 30 years behind bars. Despite publicly being proclaimed g**lty and s**tenced, fans and detractor trust that his music should still be played. Hollywood Unlocked not so long questioned fans their exact stance on the involved R&B star. “Ya’ll still listening to R. Kelly songs or not?” they questioned to fans.

Tory Lanez chimed in straight away , disputing that it is not easy to dislike a song that has already made an collision on you. “yes obviously… not messing with him for being a person, but his music impacted on our minds and can’t Unlike his songs.

One person answered by his side, and said, “@torylanez I agree with your opinion, because we can’t do anything to his character but his spectacular talent, has a separate fan base. Others felt that his g**lty judgement obviously, affects their listening experience.

And has prepared to put his catalog to rest.The information came out, and I know the details. It’s even not so easy for me to listen his songs, he has produced and wrote the songs really.

Various of his lovely fans are contending that court information actually provide his innocence, and his sentence is a outcome of him being made an example off. With all the di**rder on his c**victions, many are thinking why the parents and followers involved in his foundation have not been put at the back bars as well.