DL Hughley’s Son With His Mistress Life Was Taken By Mistress’ Boyfriend: Wife Didn’t Know He Had Son

DL Hughley’s Son With His Mistress Life Was Taken By Mistress’ Boyfriend: Wife Didn’t Know He Had Son

DL Hughley has had a long career in the media. He owes a great deal of his success to his support system, which includes his wife, LaDonna Hughley. Married for 37 years, the union has not been without its ups and downs. LaDonna has had to endure some things behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at their relationship.

Comedian, actor, and radio personality DL Hughly got his comedy start in the early ’90s on the popular series ComicView. From there, he appeared on several other programs like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sister Sister, and Double Rush before scoring a starring role in The Hughleys.

The show depicted DL and his fictional family. In real life, DL is a married father of three. DL met LaDonna over three decades ago, tying the knot in 1986.

LaDonna Hughley is said to be an actress as well as a filmmaker. She starred opposite her husband on their reality television show, The DL Hugley Show, and has produced other projects like the 2013 documentary Colored My Mind. She also appeared in the 2017 reality series Black Love.

Mr. and Mrs. Hughley met while working for a telephone company. They welcomed their first child, Ryan Hughley, in 1987. The other children, Kyle and Tyler, were born in 1988 and 1991.

The pair seemed to have a picture-perfect world, but family life has had its hurdles. Their son suffers from a disorder called Asperger’s syndrome. DL has spoken at length about how it has impacted Kyle throughout his life. Kyle often has to live on routine, with the slightest change in schedule throwing him off. Hughley has talked about how proud he is of Kyle, especially after he graduated college.

Another major issue the family faced was DL Hughley’s infidelity. Hughley has admitted to cheating on LaDonna regularly and being emotionally abusive toward her. At one point, he fathered a child outside of their marriage that she was unaware of.

Tragedy would strike when at only nine months old, the baby was viciously shaken to death by the mistress new boyfriend. DL went to Cape Verde to be by the baby’s side and assist the mother. DL had planned to keep this a secret from LaDonna but eventually broke down and told her what had happened.

LaDonna’s response shocked DL, as she admitted to wishing she knew what was going on so that he did not have to go through it alone. Eventually, he would run into the girl at an airport years later. Upon introducing his wife to her, she responded, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Eventually, his wife would begin to give the woman money. DL admits that he simply “couldn’t” interact with her, and LaDonna began to handle the money they paid the woman under the condition that it came out of DL’s “allowance.” He said he eventually stopped getting an “allowance” and is unsure if his wife is still paying the woman.

“So, I don’t know if she’s still giving it to her or not,” DL admits. “But I know that I don’t get that money anymore, and I can’t go, ‘Are you still?…’ I can’t do that.”

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