Dad Beats Man Who Followed His Daughter Into Restroom, Judge Issues Sentence

Dad Beats Man Who Followed His Daughter Into Restroom, Judge Issues Sentence

The father from Phoenix who claimed he kil’le’d a man to defend his daughter was first ac*used of second-deg’ree mu*der in 2018. On August 2, 2018, the in cident took place after Harris arrived at the QT close to 19th and Dunlap Avenues.

His daughter informed him that a man had at’tem’pted to break into her locked cub’icle in the women’s restroom as she was leaving. Harris’ daughter pointed out the man as he was led away by sec’urity. Harris announced to the sec’urity gu’ard that he

would handle the problem on his own. Witnesses claim that Harris struck Leon Armstrong in the face, cau’sing Armstrong to fall to the ground. He continued to beat him before leaving. Armstrong experienced a serious head damage and later passed away.

A Phoenix, Arizona, father who beat a man to de’ath for atte’mpting to enter his teenage daughter’s stall at a convenience shop was given an eight-year pr’ison term. Melvin Harris III, 41, was sent’enced on Friday after entering a gu*lty plea to mans la*ghter last month.

Harris escaped the area. After being transferred to the hospital, Armstrong passed away. He experienced cerebral swe’lling, a br’oken nose, and ox’ygen dep’rivation. Harris was det*ined at his residence.

According to the article, he eventually acknowledged punching Armstrong in the face but maintains Armstrong at’ac’ked first. He further claimed that Armstrong was hit when he was on the ground.

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