Common & Jennifer Hudson Reportedly Dating, 1 Year following Relationship with Tiffany Haddish, Comedian Response

Rapper, actor Common is effortlessly one of Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelors. He’s successful, attractive, and hardworking. He also appears to certainly love and appreciate victorious women, something made apparent by his long schedule of hero ex-girlfriends, from vocalists to comedians,

politicians, and extra. Let’s take a glance at his dating past and see who he is keeping firm these days.
Erykah Badu and Common got their beginnings very similarly, both sprouting up in the “earthier” phase of the ’90s hip-hop and R&B cross-over.

The two made song about spirituality and community and related on their mutual values. They provided us the classic record “Love of My Life, and in actual life had also fallen deeply in love. Unfortunately, busy schedules kept them apart, with Badu later admitting that they missed some of their spark along the path.

She told The Breakfast Club that despite striving to s’mash off with him a few times, common just was not ready to let go. Common admits the split h’it him difficult. Some of the hardest work I’ve done on myself has been after breakups, remembered the rapper. ‘

With Erykah Badu, that was my first love where you’re just open and drifting. When we did break up, I was 27 or 28. I was in a haze, just going through the gestures. It was difficult to eat.” According to Badu, she and Common are now friends, and he is the most compassionate individual in her circle.

Common’s second high-profile relationship was with Tennis legend Serena Williams. In 2007 the two met after Williams featured in one of Common’s videos. They would date on and off till 2010. Around that time, Williams complimented him, telling, “He’s obviously a tr’emendous artist who is timeless and classic. You can’t beat that. But I have to focus on tennis because that’s my purpose in life.”